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Why ECS Demand Response Management?

Thousands of demand response participants across North America choose ECS as their demand response management provider.  From excellent customer service to high participation payments with no risk, there are a number of reasons why you’ll agree we’re on your side:


  • Priorities. Demand response management is our #1 priority.  It is not merely an ancillary service of our company as it is with others.
  • Demand Response Industry experience. Our staff has served key positions in the energy industry, in fields from engineering to energy markets, regulation and policy making.
  • No risk, no penalties. You will never pay out-of-pocket cost to join and participate in ECS’ demand response management programs.
  • High DR payments. ECS generally provides customers with the highest demand response payments available on the market, with added incentives for companies having facilities in multiple ECS markets.
  • Signing Bonus. In select circumstances you can begin receiving money immediately via a signing bonus from ECS.
  • Simplicity. We make DR participation easy with our 1 page enrollment form.
  • Streamlined management. ECS is a private company that makes swift decisions; ECS answers to its customers only, not disinterested shareholders or third party investors.
  • Strength. ECS is financially strong and has a customer payout track-record to show it.  While other demand response companies come and go, ECS holds strong as the oldest, most reputable and financially viable demand response management provider in North America.
  • Value. Our energy portfolio consistently performs at 100%, which means reliability for utilities and grid operators, and high payments to end users!
  • Customer friendly. Our knowledgeable and dedicated customer relations staff will promptly answer your questions and make sure you’re getting the most out of our demand response programs.  Awards for best performing customers, dinner gatherings, sporting event tickets, press releases that promote the customer's environmental stewardship and other customer out-reach efforts help distinguish ECS as the most customer-friendly DR provider.
  • Good business. ECS maintains the highest level of membership at the Better Business Bureau; we have never had a complaint or lawsuit filed against us.  As an ECS client, you will not be promised one thing and delivered another.
  • Green benefits. We are working to get “green” benefits out of demand response and include it as a renewable resource, which would increase the environmental and monetary value of participation.
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