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Energy Procurement | Lower Energy Rates

You can now enjoy significant savings on your electricity and natural gas bills monthly with BidURenergy's (BUE) money saving PowerPit blind auction platform.

BUE brings a fresh face to the energy marketing business. The company is an innovative energy marketplace that provides a competitive environment and allows consumers to take advantage of energy deregulation and choose a supplier that fits into their budget. After enrolling with BUE (which is at no cost and no obligation), customers will have their electric and/or natural gas accounts posted for auction. Pre-qualified suppliers will view these accounts and bid on them using a blind auction format. The result is the absolute lowest energy rates in the market.

Features of this Program
  • Cost reductions from 10% to 25%  below regulated supply rate for network members.

  • The rate you receive will be specific to your facility and based on your load profile. You will no longer be given higher rates just because you fit into a supplier's generic service class.

  • BUE will monitor market fluctuations and enroll you when rates are at the lowest point.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about saving money on your utilities.
Please give us a call at 877-669-8243.


What Are The Benefits

Great Savings

  • Utility rates in your area continue to rise above national average.

  • Cost reductions from 10% to 25% below regulated supply rate.

Get Control

  • YOU determine the rate you will accept.

  • YOU determine the maximum term length you will accept.

Budget Certainty

  • You will no longer have fluctuating, unpredictable rates from month to month.

  • Our suppliers offer fixed rates, which provides you with budget certainty on your monthly energy bills. If you desire an index or variable rate, BUE can also secure this type of arrangement.

Bonus Green Energy

  • As a bonus to you, a portion of your supply will be “green”.

  • After enrolling, you will receive a “We Believe in Green” plaque to demonstrate your commitment to your community and environment.

Reputable Electric Suppliers Only

  • There are countless suppliers in the market, many with complaints at the Public Service Commission and horrible Better Business Bureau ratings. Others provide rates that appear to be good, but in fact fail to include certain rate components.

  • BUE performs exhaustive due diligence on our suppliers and ensures they are highly regarded in the industry. A number of disreputable suppliers have been banned from BUE.