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Demand Response Western New York | Western New York Demand Response Programs

Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. (ECS), the largest privately held demand response provider in the country, headquartered in Buffalo, NY, is allocating $5 million to local businesses as part of an effort to fund demand response initiatives of larger WNY electricity end-users, make Buffalo a “greener” city, and boost the economy.

PowerPay! WNY is an energy conservation program that pays participants for their efforts in energy reduction during times of high electric demand.

“Being a Buffalo-based company and understanding the current rough patch in our economy, we are very excited to offer area businesses the opportunity to reap the benefits of PowerPay! WNY,” said Jim Korczykowski, President and Chief Executive Officer of ECS. “It’s great to be able to spark the economy and put Western New York in the national spotlight for something positive.”

Benefits of Participating in PowerPay! WNY:

  • No out-of-pocket financial cost or penalties associated with enrollment and participation

  • Earn 2 types of payments:

  1. $ for standing by (capacity payment)

  2. $ for actual electricity reduced (energy payment)

  • Receive payment in the form of a check, not merely a credit on your electric bill

  • Program runs non-holiday weekdays only

  • Day-ahead notice of a Reduction Event gives you plenty of time to be prepared

  • You decide what you can or can't reduce

  • Flex your monthly reduction commitment, according to your ability to reduce your demand in a given month

  • ECS has a dedicated team of engineers to help you identify your reduction strategies

  • Free interval meter and performance-tracking software allow you to better manage electric use;
       In certain instances, you may even view your energy usage online

PowerPay! WNY Press Release

PowerPay! WNY Brochure


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