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Demand Response Ontario

Demand Response Programs in Ontario

Thousands of facilities participate in ECS’ demand response programs. Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. (ECS) provides turnkey services for demand response programs.

“Power Pay Ontario” is a DR program administered by ECS on behalf of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) via their DR3 platform. The OPA is responsible for:

  • Assessing the long-term adequacy of electricity resources
  • Forecasting future demand and the potential for conservation and renewable energy
  • Preparing an integrated system plan for conservation, generation, transmission
  • Procuring new supply, transmission and demand management either by competition or by contract, when necessary
  • Achieving the targets set by government for conservation and renewable energy.

Programs are based on both supply and economic considerations and Events generally are triggered in response to IESO (Independent Electricity Systems Operator) supply cushion values. The IESO is responsible for operating the electricity market and directing the operation of the bulk electrical system in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Who Is Eligible to Participate in PowerPay Ontario

  • Facilities with interruptible load can participate in PowerPay! (Minimum Load Drop: 100 kW)

No Risk, No Penalties

There are NO out-of-pocket expense for under or non-performance. Credits for performing during the Program Period will be offset by any debits associated with not performing in a requested hour.

Demand Response Ontario 3 Program Options

ProgramOption A Option C
# Hour Called to
Up to 100 Hrs. annually Up tp 100 Hrs. annually
12pm-9pm in Summer
4pm-9pm rest of the year
12pm-6pm year around
Event Notice Day-ahead or day-at-hand Day-ahead or day-at-hand
Event Exposure Max. 25 events at 4 hours/each Max. 25 events at 4 hours/each
Use of On-site
Yes, in general only natural gas
units will qualify
Yes, in general only natural gas
units will qualify
Payments based on zone Payments based on zone

More Information and Videos can be seen at PowerPay! Program Highlights


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