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PJM Territories

ECS is offering electric customers located in the PJM territory an opportunity to take advantage of two Demand Response programs:
PowerPay and PowerPay +Plus (in PJM territories). Earn more dollars by participating in both!

PP_logo ECS Working with Utilities

Through the PowerPay  (in PJM territories) Demand Response program, you get paid for agreeing to reduce your electric consumption for just a few hours per year, if asked.  The more you reduce, the higher the payment to you!  The dollars available in this capacity program are significant.


Join PowerPay +Plus in addition to PowerPay (in PJM territories) to earn more dollars!  You have 100% control over which PowerPay +Plus Reduction Events you participate in by determining a threshold trigger point ahead of time, with ECS.  The threshold you choose is based on reaching a certain level of electric Locational Marginal Prices (LMP).  When electric prices exceed that threshold, you can choose to reduce your electric use and be paid as if you were a mini power plant.

There is no cost for participation and no penalty if you don't hit your performance target.
Reserve your spot today as space is limited!


Notable Members

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About Demand Response

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