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Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. (ECS) provides turnkey services for demand response programs:

You can stay focused on running your business. Our expert team will help you identify your energy reduction potential and create an enrollment strategy that delivers maximum value with minimum impact on your operations. You ultimately make the final call as to what you can and cannot reduce. We outline these measures in a detailed energy reduction plan. Throughout the process, we fully handle your enrollment, measurement, verification, and payments on your behalf.

Businesses are joining Blackout Busters to:
  • Get paid significant $$$ for simply agreeing to reduce electric consumption, if and only if asked
  • Keep electricity costs lower during periods of high demand
  • Ensure reliable electric supply in the face of an electricity crisis and, in turn, prevent damage to sensitive equipment
  • Reduce their carbon footprint. GO GREEN TODAY!
Blackout Busters Highlights:
  • No out-of-pocket costs and No penalties associated with participation
  • Advance notice of a Reduction Event gives you time to be prepared
  • You decide what you can or can’t reduce, not us
  • Interval meter and performance tracking software allows you to better manage your electric use with Demandtrak.
  • Receive payments by check, not merely a credit on your bill

Upon a reduction call, ECS will send you a notification via email, phone, or pager informing you that the event will begin. You should be prepared to respond within 10 minutes of the call. For LaaR participants, your load may be curtailed automatically without advance notice, due to the need to respond instantaneously to certain types of grid frequency anomalies.


At the start of the event, your facility will reduce its electricity usage according to your pre-determined energy reduction plan. If you prefer an automated reduction strategy, ECS can work with you to assess that potential.


Before, during, and after an event, Energy Curtailment Specialists' Demandtrak™ remains in communication with your facility. Demandtrak™ personnel are always available, supporting you to ensure that you achieve targeted demand levels.


ECS now offers qualified customers their cutting edge metering system-Demandtrak™. Demandtrak™ is a powerful web based platform which links to a physical "shadow" meter where customers view an array of energy data, reports, charts, and calculations customized to reflect their facility's needs via the Internet!



Programs: You Can Participate In 1 of 3 Programs

or All 3
Program EILS [Emergency Interruptible Load Service] LaaR [Load Acting as a Resource Responsive Reserve Service] SLMP [Summer Load
Management Program]
Event Trigger Last step in preventing blackouts Frequency Deviation/Imbalance Summer Peak
Forecast from TDSP
Event Notification 10 minutes 10 minutes or no notice 30min to 1hr [depending on service territory]
Event Notification Method Instruction from ECS Instruction from ECS, or automated via frequency relays Instruction from ECS
Event Occurrence Approximately once in 10 years and 1 annual test 3-4 events per year 1-4 events per year
Event Duration 15-30min test, up to an 8 hour event Average 1 hour Average 1 hour
Use of On-site Generation Where permitted Where permitted Where permitted

Complete the Letter of Authorization and fax back to 877-711-0506.
An ECS Representative will contact you.

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