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What is Demand Response?

Energy reduction initiatives are one of the most exciting advances in the energy industry. Demand response is one popular program that emerged in the past decade, so many businesses are wondering: What is demand response? This simple program protects the electric grid and reduces consumption during peak hours. By responding to demand, businesses can save money and protect the environment.

Commercial property owners can capitalize on demand response programs in two ways. First, the program helps reduce your energy consumption and control your company's everyday energy costs, which means that your business will have a smaller carbon footprint. Second, you can earn money by reducing consumption at strategic times when energy demand exceeds the supply.

When a blackout, brownout, or energy crisis is imminent, our consultants call on participants to reduce their consumption and free up local supplies. This protects the grid when demand can't be met. This is a last defense, but it's also a chance for businesses to become energy superheroes who help keep the lights on and the air conditioner running while doing something great for the environment. Demand response is a mutually beneficial system that helps business owners, protects the earth, and fortifies the power grid.

How Did Demand Response Get Started?

At Energy Curtailment Specialists (ECS), our energy consultants and engineers have been working with demand response partners since 2001. We pioneered demand response strategies in New York, and now we are working with more than 10,000 North American businesses. Our program has excellent retention rates because we don't have performance requirements, and there are no penalties for businesses that can't reduce consumption when we issue an alert. Plus, there's no upfront cost to get started.

Our experienced team of energy consultants and industry experts has saved nearly 3,000 megawatts of electricity so far. That's equivalent to the output of three or four nuclear power plants. Our successful demand response program has paid $150 million to participating businesses.

How Does a Business Get Started with Demand Response?

Enrolling in our program is simple and fast. We take care of all setup costs and upfront expenses. Each new member is provided with a smart meter that is installed for free. This meter relays real-time data to a computer where consumption and performance data is displayed in a user-friendly format. The program converts your savings into meaningful numbers like how many homes can use the power that you saved.

Smart meters are the key to creating a grid that can safely accommodate increasing energy consumption. These simple devices help businesses track consumption and make strategic reductions in overall energy use. This means that your business will be spending less on electricity while doing something beneficial for the environment. Your smart meter can also be integrated into your building and production floor management systems. Something as simple as shifting energy-intensive procedures to times with lower demand can prevent an energy crisis. These measures can be combined with energy-efficient upgrades and passive energy-reducing changes.

Who Can Participate in Demand Response?

Any commercial building that uses a large amount of electricity can participate in a demand response pool. The program is particularly successful with these properties and buildings.

• Commercial properties
• Shopping centers
• Industrial facilities
• Universities
• Schools
• Factories
• Hospitals and healthcare facilities

Joining the smart grid is easy. Sign up today, or call us to learn more about getting paid to reduce your energy use. Controlling non-essential energy consumption and rebalancing demand are crucial decisions that make a big difference when combined with other energy-friendly changes.

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