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If you want a face-to-face meeting, an ECS representative will come to your location to explain the program, review your facility and estimate the payment to your company.

Alternatively we can arrange a conference call or webinar to explain our programs.

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Features of this Program
  • Interval Data tells you when and how you use your electricity: Demandtrak™ provides you with "interval data".
    Interval data is hour by hour kW and kWh usage

  • Anomalies in your energy patterns cost you $$$: Demandtrak™ helps identify these anomalies so you can correct them and save $$$

  • Peak Shaving Saves Big $$$: Demandtrak™ can be used to predict system peaks and allow you to curtail your electric usage at those times and save BIG $$ on your capacity and demand charges

  • Avoid Utility Overcharges: Demandtrak™ provides cross-check against the kWh and kW demand your utility or supplier is billing you for

  • Tracking Carbon Footprint: Demandtrak™ tracks your carbon footprint

  • Energy Cost Tracking: Demandtrak™ allows you to track your energy costs, including a forecast of what your costs will be into the future based on your load profile



Electricity pricing usually peaks at certain predictable times of the day and the season. In particular, if generation is constrained, prices can rise from other jurisdictions or more costly generation is brought online. It is believed that billing customers by time of day will encourage consumers to adjust their consumption habits to be more responsive to market prices.

The Demandtrak™ tool helps consumers better manage their energy use smart meters with a display can provide up to date information on gas and electricity consumption in the currency of that country and in doing so help people to better manage their energy use and reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions.

From a consumer perspective, smart metering offers a number of potential benefits. This includes an end to estimate bills, which are a major source of complaints for many customers.

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